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Beyond Desks and Devices

Cynthia K.

19 juin 2023

In an office setting, the physical components may include a table, chair, and laptop, but its true essence lies in the people who inhabit it. The environment of an office goes beyond the mere functionality of its furnishings; it encompasses the emotions, relationships, and interactions among coworkers.

Coworkers themselves play a pivotal role in shaping the office environment. They bring life, energy, and color to a dull life. Colleagues come together, share interests, support one another, and form connections that transcend the confines of work.

They become like a family participating in each other's joys, sorrows, and challenges. This experience grows a sense of belonging and attachment to the office. Each individual leaves their mark, their signature; a small part of them.

It’s weird to start the day without, the morning coffee and the puff of cigarette at the stairs talking about our days’ adventures, the “meal trading” at launch, deep shared topics along with orientations, mental health care where members stick together, defend each other and help their colleagues to the extreme.

Members can be related by more than blood and race. When you succeed, the team enjoys your success and when you cry, the team is the shoulder to cry on, and I don’t know what you think this is but it looks quite like a family to me. The strong bond created among the coworkers and positive work culture speaks volumes about the environment that has been cultivated, the feeling of belonging to the company itself.

The office is not defined by its physical elements but by the relationships, emotions, and sense of belonging fostered among coworkers that highlight the depth of the connections and the strength of the bonds forged within the team. Yes, co-workers might need a day off or a full remote working day to rest and finish up life demands, yet the enthusiast is shown on faces once their shoes touch the office’s ground.

I myself find the office as an escape from the chaos of life. It’s where I feel safe, productive and a woman where her voice is heard. I believe that life is a journey of memory collection, where they form the story, the heavy pillars of the future.

How about you guys? Did you find home in your office and collect good memories?

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