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Net-Recrute Students' Aide program

Cynthia K.

15 déc. 2022

Net-Recrute, with the collaboration of Saint Joseph’s University (USJ), is offering a scholarship, a “widow’s mite”.

Those who are supposed to be focusing on their studies, their dreams, their future are now focusing on surviving days. Students are indirectly obliged to carry a heavy burden. It is not their responsibility to even think about the financial crisis, to think about the electricity bills, fuels, healthcare, food, water... Their only job is to seek the right education, they need to keep on giving the exceptional quality of productivity they are known for, without any external pressure. It is their right to feel safe and stable.

Lebanese students do not need an introduction. The whole world knows the high quality of our students. Every country they step a foot in, feels the touch of their productivity and determination.

No one is allowed to take away humans’ rights, especially Education.


For all those reasons and more, Net-Recrute, with the collaboration of Saint Joseph’s University (USJ), is offering a scholarship, a “widow’s mite”.

This humanitarian initiative, entitled “Fonds Net-Recrute AIDE- NRAID”, is a loud scream in a country where hope feels out from reach, is a push, and as much as we can provide, for the Lebanese students to tell them we are next to you, we will back you up. Together we can take that massive hit and try to minimize its consequences.

This society gave Net-Recrute a lot during the past years. We owe this society that much. Life is a two way street.


And to Lebanese students, thank you for being strong, patient and always giving in spite of everything you are going through. It is hard but hang in there, cling to that hope that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.

Once applying through the USJ services, Students will be selected anonymously and according to specific academic and social criterias. 

So go ahead, contact the USJ services and apply.  

As Gebran Khalil Gebran said, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. Hoping this small gesture will be a motivation and a crutch to lean on in those hard times and hoping that water will get back to the river stream, and Lebanon will reach the light at the end of this tunnel.

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