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Net-recrute is an outstanding recruitment agency. We offer a variety of services, starting with digital recruitment to digital consulting, green IT, Coaching and mentoring, and lastly, HR Consulting.


In today’s market place, innovation and technologies are into permanent changes; therefore filling the spot with the right talent is becoming more and more demanding.

But, we are here to cover all your digital needs starting with the Recruitment, Consulting and moving to the Coaching services.

We are a team of experts in high-tech recruitment covering fields such as JAVA, .Net, PHP, IoT, Blockchain, Virtual reality… where our process follows the latest recruitment models.

We dig into understanding the candidates’ technological competencies and know-how, acknowledging their professional project, their preferences and their aspiration. 

With us, you make the RIGHT choice! We maintain perfectly your IT needs with our technological watch and the ability to forecast trends and development.



The technology is in constant development and companies require an external opinion to help implement their management vision and form a skilled team.


We are your skilled business advisor. We help you improve your performance.

Our digital consultants, master technical and business solutions, assist you in steering your transformation with the latest technology, design thinking and agility: we combine strategies; analysis, procedures and technologies to operate with your ecosystem to uncover today’s pressing obstacles, by revealing tomorrow’s fresh opportunities while delivering outcomes through innovative approaches to tailor the right solutions for your business problems. 


Projecting efficiency and effectiveness, converting risk and compliance into chances, and increasing value are at the heart of what we do for our trusted clients. 


This is where the added-value lies in Net-Recrute.

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Green IT is the commitment to sustainable development which constitutes the digital component of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Net-Recrute, the pioneer of innovative information technology, recruits consultants, to offer companies, in different activity sectors and fields, methods to adopt the good practices of digital sobriety and to prepare them to obtain their label qualification. 


Why do you need Green IT consultants?

  • To reduce the impact of digital technology on the environment: Because digital is not an intangible industry, we help you implement strategies that allow purchasing policies to evolve, extend equipment life, properly manage digital equipment end of life, or adopt a responsible design approach for digital services.

  • To distinguish oneself: Green IT pushes you to gain a competitive advantage and to be the source of innovation to allow your company to differentiate itself from the rest! 

  • To economize: Green IT generates long term benefit through the link between Economic Performance and CSR.


As a result, it allows cost reductions, at the very least in terms of energy costs and ICT equipment expenditures.


We provide you with strategic behaviors to enter into a process of continuous improvement of Sustainable development which aims to reduce the ecological, economic and social footprint of information and communication technologies.


We, alone, cannot make enormous changes. But, we aim to navigate our prestigious clients to create a greener world! 



To make a change in your organization, Net-Recrute has the ability to give extraordinarily innovative and helpful insights that inspire people to do their absolute best, teams to generate outstanding results, and organizations to become unstoppable.

Our coaches come from a diversity of experiences because we are aware that style, personality, and a diverse background are valuable factors in developing trust and commitment during the coaching process.

Net-Recrute coaching and mentoring framework relate to your organization’s field whether you work in the HR or the Digital fields. We evaluate and understand the organizational current state and desired goals before beginning a coaching program.

Our experts incorporate Coaching & Mentoring advisory, consultatory and instructive services along with a customer-centric approach to all management levels, moving from the Senior Executive Service, supervisors, and managers to team leads to accomplish the corporate and individuals’ needs.



Happiness Consultant-Human potential 

We are frequently astounded by how much money is invested in new solutions in comparison to the time required to train the HR organization itself. 

Innovative technology, processes and systems move us a step ahead! But without the full talent ecosystem, you cannot optimize the success of your organization, nor create a long term competitive advantage. Because, it is the HR professionals who have the most influence and deliver the best customer experience.

Net-Recrute is here to help your organization to concentrate on developing an HR strategy and an environment that has a positive impact on itself, and preserve that influence to maintain an upgrading HR resource growth, strategic planning, and an employee-fundamental approach.


Our Happiness Consultants are at the heart of this people-centric and incredibly effective corporate strategy, assisting your businesses in knowledgeably navigating unfamiliar territory and rising to the new standard, where respect, compassion, and care for staff and consumers are among the requirements for accomplishment

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