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A day in a recruiter's life

Recruiter's time

“Beep Beep Beep…” Good Morning Lebanon!

Getting dressed and ready to launch the day with a hot cup of coffee and a morning cigarette, enjoying the view of the beautiful city of Beirut all the way to work.

Reaching out of the office and diving in the inbox where a flood of resumes and messages awaits. Every email is a potential connection waiting to happen and the day begins.

“A new position has been allocated to you” is a repetitive challenge in a recruiter’s life.

Hold a second, queue music!

The dance starts in the vast talent pool of the internal database to LinkedIn to any recruitment available platform, the headhunt begins.

Each call is a chance to understand the person behind the CV.

Virtual meetings fill up the calendars.

Tik tok! The clock is ticking!

Tech positions can be challenging in terms of specifications and requirements therefore, breaking the ice between recruiters and candidates is a must, yes recruiters share jokes and laughs along the run.

The ultimate superpower is to translate the Tech speak into everyday language. Simplifying requirements and breaking down the needs into digestible insights ensuring the comprehension of the matter. The trick is to elaborate the conversation and understand the needs of the candidates and their skills.

Update your CVs!

The difference between CV and resume is quite massive. Candidates might confuse the use of both forms. Recruiters always ask for CVs since they contain all the needed details an employer might be asking for.


Breaks are needed for the routine of the process. Having a good meal at launch, sharing stories with colleagues, dealing with problems faced all along the hiring process in order to try to solve them with ideas of different points of view.

Now Back to work!

Not every selection is made in silicon valley. Rejection emails, calls and candidates are reflected with empathy and encouragement. Keeping in mind that when a door closes, a window opens!

Have you ever had a stomach ache for rejecting a person who is looking for a job? Well, recruiters do and it is not an easy task to do, but it is what it is.

“An offer will be sent to X”, do you remember the eyes of Jerry finding her cheese? The eyes of the recruiter shines just the same.

It is a sentence every recruiter waits for at the end of the day. The satisfaction of finding the perfect match that aligns with the client’s requirements costs a celebration.

Ring the bells!! A position has been filled!!!

24 hours a day is not enough. We are constantly eager to find additional hours during the day. It is an ongoing wheel of opportunities and collaboration between recruiters, candidates and clients.

Time is the lead character in the game and the hope is to reach a satisfactory result for all parties involved and gain good sleep as a reward of a whirlwind day.

Now let’s go back to the start.

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