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Navigating the Lebanese ICT business during times of conflict

Lebanon under war
Lebanese ICT sector under war

In the face of the ongoing conflict in Gaza and its ripple effects on southern Lebanon, the future of the IT industry in Lebanon remains uncertain. As a company headquartered in Beirut, serving clients across Europe, America, and the GCC, I have engaged with Lebanese ICT CEOs who, like me, grapple with the unpredictability of what lies ahead.

Let me clarify that this article is not intended to declare the onset of war or the signing of a peace treaty. Instead, it is an acknowledgment of the deep uncertainty we all share regarding what the future holds and the potential consequences. As a leader, it is my responsibility to provide guidance to my team and maintain high morals in the face of this uncertainty.

The pivotal question emerges: Can we persevere in our work amidst the backdrop of bombings and turmoil? Can we continue to execute projects, send out invoices to clients, and ensure timely payments?

Coming from a background in Lebanon, where living under the constant specter of conflict was part of daily life, my answer YES. I grew up attending school on clear blue skies, only to rush back home in a rain of fire.

Professionally, I have adapted to going to work with the soothing sounds of morning birds, and then hastily returning home when the tranquility was shattered by the thunderous noise of bombs and gunfire. Lebanon and its people possess an innate resilience to war and an extraordinary ability to seamlessly switch between scenarios throughout the day.

So, transitioning from our regular internet provider to a private satellite service, enabling us to continue working and transferring data to servers located in Europe and the USA, is a familiar maneuver. Managing our lives with just a few hours of electricity each day, relying on batteries and candles to complete essential tasks like writing specifications and validating plans and budgets, is our customary routine.

Is this transition easy? Certainly not. However, this won't deter us from persisting in meeting our commitments to clients worldwide and delivering high-quality results.

In the unfortunate event of another conflict, we will persist in our operations and continue serving our clients, even if it means a reduction in productivity. Rest assured, we will endure and rise again, just as we have done numerous times in the past.

I fervently hope that this article remains a work of science fiction and never becomes a reflection of our reality.

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