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Net-Recrute achievements in 2023

Cheers for the new year

Wishing a happy new year is a common phrase often uttered without delving into its true significance. What does it truly mean to have a happy new year? Can a year be inherently happy or unhappy?

At Net-Recrute, we've chosen to break away from this convention by providing a comprehensive account of our endeavors, allowing our partners, clients, and candidates to assess the merits of our year and take pride in our accomplishments.

In 2023, our primary triumph was centered around a human-centric approach. We revamped our structure and appointed three of our top talents as middle managers, each entrusted with a broad range of responsibilities. Recognizing that appointing a manager entails more than a mere designation, we upheld our cultural values by ensuring thorough preparation. To facilitate this transition, we initiated a series of training sessions with a professional coach, effectively guiding both teams and managers in adapting to the new work paradigm. We are delighted with the success of this initiative and proud of our newly appointed managers: Rawan, Joey, and Tracy.

Our second notable achievement also revolves around human dynamics but from a different perspective. We successfully retained many valuable clients and engaged in numerous up-selling and cross-selling services, including recruitment of consultants, HR advisory missions for Cloud Ambiance, structuring the IT department and implementing project management methodologies for Daylindo, RPO missions for Unilog Middle East, and orchestrating a mid-size project management collaboration involving MD Group, Abiroot, and Sync, etc.

Finally, our joy knew no bounds when we inaugurated our Saudi offices and welcomed our first employee, Abdallah. His outstanding performance reflects the tremendous progress we are making in the region.

Amidst these accomplishments, our internal culture thrived in 2023. We established a tradition of playing games, such as Risk, engaged in mysterious card games, and encouraged collective imagination.

Above all, we experienced a prosperous business year, culminating in collective happiness derived from the positive results we achieved.

Net-Recrute's commitment to excellence in management and recruitment has fueled countless success stories and remarkable achievements across the digital industry. May the flame of our impact continue to blaze and light the way for our partners and candidates!

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