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A Fresh Partnership and New Aspirations


One year following the launch of the Lebanon Tech Alliance (LTA), all eyes are fixed on the newly forged partnerships and the outcomes of this pioneering initiative.

Sixteen local IT champions have joined this movement, and among them, four have already embarked on captivating projects:

Greybell contributed to the NodeJS development of a micropayment gateway for ShareGroup.

Abirout and Sync collaborated on the development of a demanding healthcare solution for MDGroup.

Net-Recrute engaged in recruiting and outsourcing a pre-sales team for Daylindo, one of Europe's most advanced software training platforms.

Today marks a turning point, one of expanding and accelerating. Thus, the LTA has joined forces with LeLaboDigital, in a promising partnership that entails collaborating on mutual projects and aiding recent technical graduates in discovering career opportunities within Lebanon while they contribute to intricate international endeavors.

The partnership, officially sealed on August 8th at the Beirut office of LeLaboDigital, is guided by a pragmatic motto: Less talk, more collaboration.

Here's to celebrating this newfound partnership and anticipating the multitude of forthcoming projects. Cheers!

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