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Monday blues

Monday blues
Monday blues

Did you know that the feeling that hunts us from our childhood is called Sunday evening syndrome? Do you remember that knot in the stomach when you realize that the next day is Monday and you should be prepared for school? That feeling when you need an extra day between Saturday and Sunday? Mondays are usually considered as a symbol of the end of fun and freedom.

Well, guess what? The adult version of that dread is the infamous "Sunday Scaries." It's that same sense of going back to school, only this time, it's about heading back to the office.

What if you flip the script and turn Mondays into something special.

Why don’t you consider Mondays as your own personal reset button, a beginning of a challenge?

Mondays can be a real rollercoaster in some employees' productivity levels who may be struggling to find their groove. The mention of the word “Monday” can send a shiver down the spine of even the most enthusiastic employees. It can increase anxiety. The sheer volume of pending tasks, deadlines, and meetings can feel overwhelming. Employees might experience a feeling that they lack the energy to socialize with any of their colleagues.

At Net-Recrute, we try our best to overcome the Monday dread.

We gather for a 30 minutes cup of coffee, sharing weekends events where there is no room for negativity. Just telling positive funny stories before we get into serious tasks.

These 30 minutes are enough to put us as employees in a positive state of mind.

Then we go for the Goals. Everyone puts their achievable goals of the week, and plans to reach them or at least 80% of them. They are the door to a productive week.

Now hold on! We’re not that perfect, we pass by negative moments. However, the bond between the team is high enough to lift our colleagues from their negative places or at least try to. Therefore, we take several short breaks, to recharge and maintain productivity.

At the end of the day, we reflect on what we’ve achieved. We Celebrate our successes, no matter how small. It is an achievement whatsoever.

In conclusion, Monday mornings don't have to be the antagonist of your workweek. They can be a powerful catalyst for productivity and success, Your secret weapon!

By reshaping your perception, establishing a positive routine, and leveraging Monday's energy, you can turn Mondays into a day you actually look forward to. Remember, Monday isn't the enemy; it's the hero waiting for you to unlock its potential!

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